Taiji 2019-01-18

Worked on very specific but important corrections to the beginner 8 form.

Repulse the monkey

  • Lower hand is a little kinked – needs to be like a scoop so energy flows all the way through

180 rotation from the first brush knee:

  • From end of brush knee (left), shift all weight back to right foot and lift the left toe and then turn the left foot by rotating the waist not rotating the leg – the leg is turned by waist, which also turns the shoulders and both hands.
  • That same right foot needs to be at a 45 degree already, or I won’t be able to turn completely to the right – and regardless, stop when I feel the need to shift any weight off the right and rely on the “cheat step” to fix the remaining turn
  • Cheat step is a rotation of the foot on the heel (not ball of foot)
  • Make sure the foot that lands to stabilize the “cheat step” is far enough out to not be in the way of the turning “cheating” foot
  • When push from brush knee is complete, weight should be even on heel and forefoot – even a slight lift of the heel from being too far forward is enough to be easily pulled off balance