Hot round of tips

Haven’t been able to get together with my forms teacher for a while due to both of our schedules. Without regular updates I was getting a little off so he had some, er, stern corrections.
  • 8 Silk Brocades feet: There are two moves that use horse stance. The rest all use a stance shoulder width apart
  • Separate mane: forward hand is like an offering – hand only up to shoulder height blocking where a punch would come – not reaching up to the sky
  • When turning left into cloud hands from right side partition horses mane, left hand comes up and strikes/blocks with back of hand side of arm – so back of hand is facing left – and right hand is palm down at waist
  • In Plum Blossom 16 form when doing the 180 to the right, bringing weight all the way onto right foot first, with outward pressure on the knee to not have it collapse, before turning.