Andrew Plack Visits 2020-01-16

Andrew, a student of Master Han, came to visit and taught two classes. As always, these are my quick brain-dump and these notes may be completely inscrutable if you haven’t worked with han shi yi-quan
  • No shoulders, no arms, only alive hands
  • Attention, focus, look (yi) – a mile away
  • Feels effortless when working. “I didn’t do anything”
  • Find the body connected feeling, then activate with the 1-2-3… ready to sprint feeling (can use drawing in of feet like light running to activate and get feeling)
  • Hands like they are reaching out to pinch or grasp something – but with no arms or shoulders – just the hands grasping feeling
  • Really felt it with the arms outstretched and slowly pivoting back and forth around the center – Han, instead of center pole, likes idea of a towel being stretched out and twisted around a center to turn
  • With the arm swings, arms don’t go backwards past your comfortable and strong range (so up to center and front, as high as forehead, then back and up roughly the sides of body)
A video of Andrew at work: