Taiji Notes

Here are a few quick notes on corrections from my Taiji teacher today:


  • Overall: Use toes to grip slightly
  • Overall: Turn feet in slightly, about 10 degrees (similar to Ziranmen)
  • Bow first with brush knee before moving forward at all with strike
  • The step is touch heel, then land forefoot
    • Subtle and not so big
    • The step shouldn’t require any body movement – comes from back bent leg and simply placing foot
    • No body movement forward at all until:
      • foot is planted
      • toes lightly gripping
      • slight outward pressing of knees to keep legs activated

Push Hands

  • Step out to 4th line stance
  • Intro to freestyle then looking for contact points – but contact is not an “attack” – it’s just an attachment to get started.
  • Slow gentle leverages by defender can shift a contact point of an attacker to where they no longer have enough contact to make use of it. Example: their hand to my hip, my arm simply points straight down in front of my body and slightly, through leverage, moves their grip off to one side. They are still touching hip, but can no longer push on it.