I Liq Chuan Notes

Got in another I Liq Chuan class with one of my favorite teachers. Really wish I lived close enough to go more often. Extrememly powerful compliment to Taiji and push hands. Where Taiji offers large movements and practices that will ultimately deliver mindfulness, I Liq Chuan goes stright to the core and focuses on small, intense, deeply mindful movements. I come out feeling like I really know my body and the way to move someone else around much more deeply. And that I need more practice.

  • For Absorb: Condense in dan tian, expand through legs
  • For Project: Expand from ming man
  • Turning – knees stationary, opening one hip and closing the other, drives the shoulders
    • Project/expand first to full extension, feel the center pole, hips lead turn of body exactly around that pole

Nothing new, but somehow working this subtle edge really caught on today and sometimes taking another note helps capture that memory and learning.