Taiji 2018-11-06

Notes from class. Working on refining details of basic movements.

Brush knee

  • Hand goes stright from ear to front of face – not in and around face
  • Shoulders relaxed (always – esp. for me)

Cloud hands

  • Step out is 3rd line step, bring together is only 2nd line step close (feet not pressed together)
  • Hands pointing parallel vectors up and down
    • Top hand in front of mouth and pointing 45 deg up
    • Bottom hand in front of hip and pointing 45 down
    • Hands express continous line from shoulder – do not bend up or down, energetically alive and open, maintaining “roundness” of bubble
  • When switching hands up and down, elbows stay put
  • With stepping out, then dropping to heel and switching hands, do not lower body or head – keep at same height – also does not shift weight yet
  • Hand switch – low hand always comes up through inside